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We have a simple philosophy at The Consumer Sheriff. We are here to provide you, the UK consumer with the best possible indecent advice and price guides and all things building, construction, home wise, buying or selling a property, credit checks and much much more. This is a new site - a revolution in free, relevant information - and it will only get bigger.

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This is also a community site and so we need your help and your input. We are not saying all traders are cowboys - far from it! Our building advice writers sit firmly in the tradesmen’s camp and can offer a valuable insight into how jobs are priced and how builders go about running their businesses. We know there are some great builders and traders our there and we want you to let us know about them on our forum.

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And, traders, there is your own social area - trade-only - called The Tradesman’s Entrance where you can chat to other builders, exchange views and even tackle that tricky but very real issue of cowboy customers. We even have a feature called “Quote Cloud” where you have your own private area to create, store, send and edit quotations and invoices from our specially created and simple to use templates.